Entry: All Your Blog Are Belong To ME! Aug 11, 2005


"And it's a struggle between good and it's a struggle between evil."


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September 20, 2012   04:59 PM PDT
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May 5, 2012   09:38 AM PDT
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April 25, 2012   12:52 AM PDT
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J f Z
August 19, 2005   03:33 PM PDT
Evil Stevie Activate! (MP3) ... people tried, but obviously not hard enough to get rid of this evangelical power monkey.
August 13, 2005   12:06 AM PDT
No, no, no Christine - "you" (who is "they") can do whatever "they" (who may or may not br "you") want. Because this is about... errr... "them"/"you"?

"You" (who is "you") can only combat this by becoming one of "them" (who is "they"/"you").

ummmm... yeah...
August 11, 2005   07:07 PM PDT
This isn't right. We need names to link to profiles so we can know which who is you, which you is, um, who wrote the entry!

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