Entry: Take off your damn shoes when you come in. Dec 6, 2007

    Tidied the place up a bit here.  Go away for two years and everything just kinda gets.... nasty.  So how about we get this going again?

    WHAT THE HELL MAN?  This a blog about you.  Well, its really a blog about us.  Which technically could mean me.  That doesn't discount that you could have the blog be about you.  It's just about you..... and us... and me... and that guy over there.  Yeah.  The one over there eating Pringles... BBQ wavy Pringles.

    So, good ol' Solender (Destroyer of the Sun - in my book) opened this place up to be a.... what does it say on the side there?  Oh yes... a social experiment in mass culture.  Unfortunately, this experiment's results only showed the increasing lethargic response of the author's who volunteered.  I'm no innocent party in this either.  I came on the day before the August 11th post in 2005.  If you take a quick look at all the authors who posted here, you will see that for some reason, my name is missing.

    You may ask why this is so (it was a cover up!  They're trying to erase me!!).  It's quite simple really (He told me that I could live if I typed what he told me to type!).  I just never got around to posting (I posted over 42 entries and each one was deleted!).  Part of my reason was that I had other blog things I was trying to do on my own that ultimately didn't work out due to my imperialistic ability to not continue things (Ok. So the stuff in parenthesis is not true.)

    What happened to the blog owner and other authors then?  Well, most of them were already collaborators with other BlogDrive bloggers like Lost Religion and Osmotic Maelstrom.  The creation of this blog took place around the same time that many of the bloggers that socialized on the Main Tagboard were forming co-authored blogs and exploring the world of having multiple authors.  So it made sense that many of these co-authored blogs would disappear into the dark corners of BlogDrive.  Blogs are like people.  They come and go.  Some leave an impression.  Some just ... seem to never have existed.

May they all rest in 0101000001000101010000010100001101000101
(that's binary for Peace).

    What if one of those blogs that have passed away, were to rise from the dead with new authors?

    I'm the Hideout-Ant, the Muffin Man, the Disco Inferno Warmth Wisher.  This is my post about a part of the history of this blog as well as a few other blogs on BlogDrive.  This is my bid to revitalize A Blog Of You


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