*ashley* » visits...
Anthony » Ok, reverted everything here. How about we start semi-fresh? Like Snuggles if he were dragged in the mud and then washed in plain soap and hot water.
Xaos » i made a stinky all over the css.
Solender » whoah, content - waitaminute who's katrina?
CM » ok. this is different.
x » heh.
CuriouslyMad » ok then.
Solender » Yeah... good work.
CuriouslyMad » um. header.
Solender » Okay - the changing of the sidesection from left to right, while possibly quite amusing, doesn't really count as a contribution... not that i'm telling you what to do... but... y'know... do BETTER!
Solender » Nice? Christ I'd hate to see what you call crap HotRod - this place is fuckin terrible.
CuriouslyMad » thanks
HotRod » nice blog keep up the great work
Solender » oh well - controversy will come later, I'm outta time.
Solender » We're obviously in dire need of controversy...
Lusiphur » I'M THE CAAAAT!
Daveman » A Blog about ME!? WOW! I "am" famous! People will adore me.., well.., they do anyway, but will adore me more! But if iyou write bad things, then I have to wish you into the cornfeild
Splotch! » Ghosts in the machine just waiting to rage against it. Sweet.
Solender » scary like a FOX! oh... waitaminute...
CuriouslyMad » sounds scary. good luck.